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With more than 30 years of experience in the Alternative Fuel business, BMD Autogas Equipments AG became one of the leading companies and point of reference for the production of Sequential Injection Systems, both for LPG and CNG operated cars. Our facilities and our production line its being modernized continuously in order to achieve our fundamental principles: QUALITY, RELIABILITY and INNOVATION. 

Always keeping in mind our principles, together with the great collaboration of our experienced team of professionals, BMD Autogas Equipments AG is developing continuously its products in order to fulfill all the requirements of the constant development of motor vehicles technology as well as the more and more restrictive anti-pollution regulations.

BMD Autogas Equipments AG main aim is to satisfy their customers by providing an excellent product and a professional after sales service for all their installers / distributors all over the world. Our flexibility and know– how allows us to respond very quickly to the market demands and manufacture complete kits or personalized solutions for every application.

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